We change the systems with women, for women
20 years working for the sake of women

UWF is the only women's fund in Ukraine. We provide resources to women's rights/feminist organizations: grants, expertise, training, facilitation, platforms for cooperation.

The Ukrainian Women's Fund fosters the development of a strong, massive and effective women's /feminist movement capable of protecting women's rights and promoting gender equality in all areas.

We share and embody feminist values
equal opportunities for women and men
freedom of choice
strengthening and supporting women in their development
human as core value
women's access to resources
prevention and elimination of discrimination against women
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For Canadians, gender equality is a very importants issue. And women's organizations are drivers of change. On the positions we hold, and with knowledge we have, we can be nothing but feminists.
Larisa Galadza
Ambassador of Canada to Ukraine
European integration is not possible without gender equality. NGOs defend the achievements of gender policy, do not allow them to be invalidated by enemies of human rights.
Kateryna Levchenko
Government Commissioner for Gender Policy