Appeal from the participants of the IVth Ukrainian Feminist Forum to the 2024 Ukraine Recovery Conference (URC) organizers and participants on implementation of the gender equality and inclusion principle in recovery

IV Feminist Forum «Women’s movement of Ukraine: amplifying the influence» took place on April 8-9, 2024, in framework of the project Women’s Voice and Leadership – Ukraine, implemented by the Ukrainian Women’s Fund with the support of the Government of Canada. The event united more than 200 participants from all regions of Ukraine.

We, the participants of the IVth Ukrainian Feminist Forum, consider that:

  • gender equality and inclusion remains one of the 7 Key Recovery Principles that were agreed upon at the URC in Lugano
  • implementation of this principle has been promoted with the establishment of the Platform on Gender Mainstreaming and Inclusion during Recovery, led by vice prime minister Olga Stefanishyna and Government commissioner for gender policy Kateryna Levchenko, with civil society participation provided in NGO Advisory Panel of the Platform
  • Ukraine Recovery Conference (URC) in Berlin (2024) is an important platform to ensure the practical implementation of the gender equality and inclusion principle in the recovery


In order to strategically and systematically address the issues of gender equality and inclusion during the URC in Berlin, we ask the organizers and participants to consider the following:

  1. Ensure that gender approaches are integrated in all dimensions and topics of the conference.
  2. Ensure parity representation (50/50) of men and women among the speakers and moderators of all panels of the conference, taking into account women’s high expert potential and leadership qualities, as well as their active participation in all spheres of economic, political and social life of the country.
  3. Include in the list of conference participants, representatives of civil society organizations to ensure the stability of communities and society as a whole and ensure a decent representation of women-led and feminist organizations, paying special attention to youth, women who represent groups experiencing intersectional discrimination and women with disabilities.
  4. Include expert representatives of CSOs, particularly women led and feminist organizations in the list of speakers of the panels.
  5. Ensure the participation of representatives of women-led and feminist organizations, gender experts and representatives of authorities responsible for gender policy in: 1) preparation of the conference; 2) work of the conference itself; 3) planning and monitoring of events based on the results of the conference
  1. Facilitate networking between conference participants representing different thematic areas and ensure access of representatives of women-led and feminist organizations and gender experts to these networks.
  2. When preparing conference materials, widely use gender statistics, results of gender analysis and studies on the impact of war on different groups of men and women.
  3. Introduce simple feedback mechanism in order to collect the opinions of participants regarding the integration of gender approaches in the work of the conference to ensure evaluation of its effectiveness