Civil Society Dialogue with All Voices

Implementation period:

April 1, 2021 – December 31, 2022


Armenia, Georgia, Poland, Ukraine

Target audience:

Regional women's organizations that unite women and girls who face multiple discrimination and want to be more visible and influential in the women’s rights movement.


Partner organizations:

About the project:

The initiative aims to empower marginalized women’s groups that are not yet part of visible national networks, by promoting intersectionality and inclusiveness and creating a safe space to encourage dialogue within the movement.

Project objectives:

First of all, we’ll gather facts and information on barriers and reasons that limit organizations’ access to active participation in human rights networks/feminist movements, as well as the exclusionary mechanisms they face. The information will be used to develop a recommendation to respond to the challenges and harassment faced by groups of women and girls with multiple discrimination.

The initiative envisages the active participation of activists and a high level of involvement in online training and international webinars, which will be facilitated by professional trainers. This will help to deepen the knowledge of the project participants in the field of human rights protection, gender policy, gender equality, and gender discrimination, as well as communication strategies and work with the media, the background for successful advocacy campaigns.

The project also envisions grants to increase the visibility and capacity of women’s/feminist organizations to participate in existing human rights networks/feminist movements. Continuous exchange and networking between women’s rights NGOs within the participating countries as well as across countries enables a strengthening of alliances within women’s movements and a sustainable expansion of women’s rights networks. It also promotes awareness raising for marginalized women in civil society.