Equality for Security

Implementation period:

24 months


5 oblasts of Ukraine

Target audience:

Target groups for this project are local stakeholders engaged in promotion of women’s participation in the areas of UNSCR 1325, including local authorities, NGOs, mass media, academia, and experts.


European Union

Partner organizations:

Centre for equality advancement (Lithuania)

Women’s Information-Consultative Centre (Ukraine)

About the project:

The overall objective of the project is to promote women’s contribution to peace-related and conflict prevention processes by supporting local stakeholders in developing, implementing and monitoring local action plans on UNSCR 1325.
The project is directly focused on empowering the target groups and final beneficiaries to contribute to and benefit from peace-related and conflict prevention processes in their respective communities. It will concurrently pursue two goals: to improve the quality of such processes by broadening its vision and engaging wider perspective and potential, and also to enable target groups to build their capacity to become driving force of sustainable peace-related and conflict prevention processes at the local level.
Throughout the project, the target groups will improve their capacity to identify most critical challenges in the area of women’s empowerment, design, plan and implement the responses, cooperate and coordinate their efforts, and promote their outcomes vis-à-vis general public. They will receive a hands-on experience of serving their constituents/beneficiaries and improve their reputation/standing in the communities. Finally, they will establish coalitions to pursue the project goal, but these coalitions will be also instrumental to implement other objectives on citizens’ empowerment and promoting local sustainable development.

Project objectives:

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