Expanding business and leadership opportunities for women

Implementation period:


Target audience:

Socially and financially vulnerable women (this category includes women living in rural areas, women who have three or more children, single mothers, widows, orphans, disabled, retired women etc)


About the project:

Program objectives:

developing the skills of understanding of financial issues by women in everyday life, such as composing family budget, crediting, credit card use and making rational financial decisions;

enhancing the capacity of women to start or improve their businesses through better business planning, access to financial services and understanding of marketing;

providing opportunities for women to perform leading roles at all levels to address social problems.

Ukrainian Women’s Fund seeks to provide services to 2,380 women (total number of participants in training), or 875 unique women (approximately 125 women from each of the seven target regions described below). We also prepare 14 trainers and give advice to women from vulnerable groups (at least 80 hours worth of consultations in each region).

Project objectives: