Information Women’s Centers Open in Four Regions of Ukraine

In July 2005, under the support of the Ukrainian Women’s Fund, Information women’s centers were opened in Kherson, Donetsk, Lviv and Sumy. The role of the Centers is to promote and to strengthen the women’s organizations in the mentioned regions.

The key directions in the activities of the Centers are as follows:
  • informational activities;
  • consultative and reference activities
  • collection of information about activities of women’s NGOs
  • preparation and conduct of sociological researches;
  • consolidation of public efforts through cooperation with the authorities, networking of the NGOs working with, or for, women

Organizations, on the basis of which the Centers function, are the information partners of the Ukrainian Women’s Fund that will assist the Fund in establishing close contact with the regional women’s organizations and thus will make it possible to the Fund to plan its activities taking into consideration the needs, problems and priorities of the women’s organizations from the regions of Ukraine. They will also make women’s organizations from the towns and rural areas more visible, as well as will promote development and mainstreaming of the NGOs and initiative groups working with, and for, women.

Opening of the new centers in other regions of Ukraine is scheduled for the next year.

UWF information partners:
Lviv: Western Ukrainian center “Women’s Perspectives”, project coordinator ― Lubov Maksymovych, contact information: 36 Chervonoyi Kalyny str., 3rd floor, tel: (032) 295 5060, email:

Donetsk: Donetsk Regional League of Business and Professional Women; project coordinator ― Liudmyla Horova; contact information: 45 Artema str., tel: (062) 334 3443, 334 2043, email:

Kherson: Kherson regional center “Successful Woman”; project coordinator ― Olena Mykytas; contact information: tel: (0552) 423 566, email:

Sumy: Sumy city public youth union “City Crisis Center”; project coordinator ― Svitlana Zakharchenko; contact information: 4 Kirova str, room 77, tel: (0542) 60 17 17, email: