Advancing Human Rights and Gender Equality through Community Mobilization for Empowerment

Implementation period:

2018 – 2021


Donetsk Oblast (15 communities), Luhansk Oblast (16 communities), Zaporizhzhia Oblast (5 communities). Total: 36 communities

Target audience:

Women and men in target communities facing intersectional discrimination



UN Women



Partner organizations:

European Union

European Investment Bank

Governments of Great Britain, Norway, Denmark, Canada, Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Japan, Switzerland

About the project:

Since 2016 UN Women, in partnership with the Ukrainian Women’s Fund, has been implementing the community mobilization for empowerment (CME) methodology in the conflict-affected areas of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions in eastern Ukraine. In 2018 the programme expanded to Zaporizhzhia region. The CME methodology enables the programme to support human rights-based and gender-responsive interventions that are aligned with the Leave No One Behind principle of the Sustainable Development agenda. In line with international human rights standards, through CME the programme has worked to address inequalities and discrimination, to meaningfully involve beneficiaries (including women’s organizations and other agents of change, such as men and boys), and to respond to the circumstances of the poorest and most excluded and vulnerable women — those facing multiple and intersecting forms of discrimination. The CME approach is essential to their effective engagement with decision-making on planning and budgeting for local development, recovery and community security.

The Project “Advancing Human Rights and Gender Equality through Community Mobilization for Empowerment” is implemented by Ukrainian Women’s Fund as part of the UN Women projects  in the east and funded by the Governments of Norway and Denmark, and Joint Programme of UN Women, UNDP, FAO and UNFPA on “EU Support to the East of Ukraine – Recovery, Peacebuilding and Governance” funded by the European Union.

Project objectives: