Women’s Voice and Leadership – Ukraine

Implementation period:

2019 – 2024


All regions of Ukraine

Target audience:

This project is supporting up to 190 women’s rights organizations (WROs), representing a broad spectrum of women and girls, including women affected and/or displaced by the conflict; women living with disabilities; women with diverse sexual orientation and gender identities; Roma women and women representing other national minorities; rural women, low-income and otherwise vulnerable women, including young and elderly women. As critical agents of change, this project will support the WROs’ activities, build their institutional capacity, and promote network and alliance-building.


Global Affairs Canada

Partner organizations:

24 regional partners (22 local WROs have been selected so far)

Five WROs serve as thematic partners

About the project:

The ultimate result of the project is increased enjoyment of human rights by women and girls and the advancement of gender equality in Ukraine.

Project activities include the following:

Project objectives:

Principles and partnership

The Ukrainian Women’s Fund is implementing the project «Women’s Voice and Leadership – Ukraine» in cooperation with the International Renaissance Foundation, NGO «La Strada-Ukraine», and a network of partners in regions of Ukraine. In this way, we ensure communication with the women’s / feminist movement and coordination within the movement, responding to the needs of the movement in a flexible way.

Basic principles of project implementation:

Nothing for you without you

We strive to be in a constant dialogue. Our strategic priority – strengthening the movement – remains unchanged. Accents and tactical tasks are adapted according to the priorities set out by the participants of the women’s / feminist movement at the annual Feminist Organizational Development Forums.


We strive to support the diversity of the women’s / feminist movement, so we make every effort to take into account the interests of different categories of women and girls, including internally displaced people, women with disabilities, Roma women and women from other national minorities, women with different sexual orientations and gender identities, or discriminated women, young and elderly women.