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Meeting Ukrainian women’s wartime needs

UWF is transforming its support for the Ukrainian women's/feminist movement to meet emerging needs.

The war in Ukraine may be changing the women’s/feminist movement, but it’s not stopping it. On the contrary, we’re translating most of our movement-development initiatives into new formats.

We know the civil society organizations, partnerships, and coalitions that supported Ukrainian women so effectively during peacetime are also best placed to help women caught in the crisis of war. UWF continues to support these organizations, every day seeking and implementing solutions to help women overcome war’s challenges and to mitigate its impact on their future.

March 4 to November 1, 2022 – grants – UAH
We share and embody feminist values
equal opportunities for women&men
freedom of choice
strengthening and supporting women in their development
human as core value
women's access to resources
prevention and elimination of discrimination against women
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Why donors trust us

Ukrainian Women’s Fund was established in 2000. The organization has become a reliable partner of several international donors and NGOs. Today the Fund is the only women’s fund in Ukraine. During the 22-years period of work, the organization has held hundreds of grant competitions to support women’s/feminist NGOs.

Ukrainian Women’s Fund complies with the standards of transparency and impartiality. In particular, the organization has completed an extensive application and due diligence process with one of CAF International’s Global Offices. The CAF International validation process includes a review of an organization’s key operational elements such as its governance structure, registration status, annual financial statements, online and media presence, and their board members and senior staff. This validation process ensures that all funds sent to the organization will be used charitably, and it allows CAF International and its donors to mitigate the risk of fraud, money laundering, and other criminal activities.

Ukrainian Women’s Fund is in the “Top 100 Public Transparent Charitable Organizations of Ukraine — 2022.” It is a rating of charitable organizations that have declared their expenses publicly. Nominees are rated by the amount of their expenses. UWF took 43rd place.

Our partners
For Canadians, gender equality is a very importants issue. And women's organizations are drivers of change. On the positions we hold, and with knowledge we have, we can be nothing but feminists.
Larisa Galadza
Ambassador of Canada to Ukraine
European integration is not possible without gender equality. NGOs defend the achievements of gender policy, do not allow them to be invalidated by enemies of human rights.
Kateryna Levchenko
Government Commissioner for Gender Policy