Equality for Security: Opening Up New Opportunities


The Ukrainian Women’s Fund continues to facilitate the implementation of new local action plans 1325 “Women, Peace, Security” in Ukraine for 2021-2025 and to advocate for their adequate funding. In August 2021, we began implementing a new phase of the “Equality for Security” project with a Lithuanian partner, the Center for Equality Advancement (CEA), with financial support from the U.S. Department of State Office of the Assistance Coordinator for Europe and Eurasia. Several trainings are planned for September and October, designed to create new coalitions of 1325 and strengthen existing ones in four regions of Ukraine.

“Women. Peace. Security” agenda is an important principle for considering the needs and working with new challenges that come with the consequences of war for women and men, girls and boys, in different spheres of life, in different regions of Ukraine.

“Equality for Security” project’s objectives:

  • Foster establishment of regional coalitions on 1325 in Chernivtsy and Kharkiv oblasts and strengthen existing coalitions in Khmelnytsky and Luhansk oblasts.
  • Build capacity of the parties to regional coalitions – local governments, women’s NGOs, media.
  • Promote the development/review of regional action plans on 1325 based on regional context, needs of target groups, including in terms of COVID-19, lessons learnt from previous project.
  • Advocate for adequate funding of the regional action plans, support their launch and implementation.

The project is based on the methodology and experience of coalition building in Zaporizhia, Vinnytsia, Khmelnytsky, Luhansk and Dnipropetrovsk regions in 2017-2021, which successfully monitored the implementation of local action plans, assessed the needs of target groups and advocated for these needs in the National and local plans as well conducted communication campaigns and projects aimed at implementing local and sectoral action plans in cooperation with the authorities and the security and defense sector.

Project opportunities to increase the capacity of co-executors and target groups of the National Action Plan 1325


Training “Gender Equality and Agenda “Women. Peace. Security” in Chernivtsi and Kharkiv oblasts will consider gender in the structure of identity, social construction of gender, origins and ways of overcoming gender inequality, issues of cultural sexism and violence against women as a manifestation of loss of violent control. The training will also consider the concept of security from a gender perspective, will provide an opportunity to gain basic knowledge on the agenda of “Women. Peace. Security”, will inspire women and men activists, as well as coalitions of women’s organizations, to support the prevention of gender-based violence, the protection of women and girls and their rights in peacetime and in conflict, gender mainstreaming in cases of resolution and recovery, and the main thing is equal and comprehensive participation of women in all issues of peace and security, at all levels of decision-making.

Training “Localization of NAP 1325: Communications and Effective Planning” in Chernivtsi and Kharkiv oblasts will help unite public sector organizations, local authorities, security and defense sector in the coalition and establish effective communication to facilitate the implementation of local action plans for the National Action Plan on the implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 1325 “Women, Peace, Security” for the period up to 2025.

Training “Localization and Monitoring of Local Action Plans for the Implementation of NAP 1325 “Women. Peace. Security” will provide an opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge of the agenda “Women. Peace. Security” and will offer coalitions in Chernivtsi, Kharkiv, Khmelnytsky and Luhansk oblasts practical tools for analyzing local plans, matching plans to the regional peculiarities and needs of target groups, monitoring the implementation of plans and advocating for the needs of target groups.

The project is implemented with financial support from the U.S. Department of State Office of the Assistance Coordinator for Europe and Eurasia under the Eighth Round of the Development Cooperation Partnership (DCP) Program. The Ukrainian Women’s Fund is responsible for the content of the materials.