Feminists of different generations from Germany, Georgia and Ukraine gathered in Kyiv to discuss what they all have in common

Women’s funds are philanthropic organizations that work to realize the power of grassroots women, girls, and trans* people around the world. In 2017 three women’s funds based in Europe – filia.die frauenstiftung (Germany), Women’s Fund in Georgia and Ukrainian Women’s Fund-  with the support of the German Federal Foreign Office worked together to strengthen the dialogue between feminists of different generations in Germany, Georgia and Ukraine.

In the three countries women’s groups have implemented projects and then got together for a conference “Feminists in Dialogue – Bridging the Gaps” in Kyiv for the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women (Nov 25th) to present key findings of their projects. The aim was to empower groups to build bridges and strengthen women and girls as change makers.

Results showed that there are differences between countries but in most cases problems that women face and deal with are usually the same and differences between generations could be neglected in order for women to unite and overcome difficulties together.

Implemented projects include discussions, workshops, podcasts, videocasts, theatre plays, performances, video films, etc.


“Back to the future: How was it? How is it? How could it be?”  (Germany, Paula Panke, Berlin)

“My self” (Germany, Kulturenwerkstatt, Limburg

“Strong together! Feminism by everybody for everyone” (Germany, Who needs Feminism, Hannover)


“Dialogue with the Past”- Young Feminists’ Initiative Group (Georgia)

“History of Women’s Movement – the Road from the Past”- Women’s Information Center (Georgia)

“Dialogue of Three Feminist Generations on the Feminist Success and Failures” – Union Safari (Georgia)


“First Step to Success: Stories and Persons” (Zhytomyr Oblast Youth NGO «Parity”)

“365 days for feminism?” (NGO “Insight”)

Verbatim performance “I Need Feminism” (Charitable organization “Insha”)

“FemFM” (Feminist Workshop)