Results of Women’s Movement Capacity Assessment in Ukraine

In summer 2017, Ukrainian women’s/feminist organizations were invited to take part in the assessment of movement capacity. The self-assessment was carried out using a capacity assessment tool developed and kindly provided by the Global Fund for Women. After completing online forms, we held roundtables in four regional clusters to discuss the results. The results were somewhat surprising and somewhat pleasing, but most importantly – they provoked a dialogue about strengths, weaknesses and perspectives of the women’s movement.

We are grateful to everyone who responded and joined the process. Today, we are publishing summary results and would like to encourage everyone to use them when developing your strategies. The results are not statistical data but rather an effective tool to identify a strong and capable movement. They cover many areas and every organization can make their own conclusions.

We believe that the first steps have been taken and we will continue building the dialogue and looking for a common future.

We, at Ukrainian Women’s Fund, promise to continue our efforts because a movement exists when we are together united by common goals and values.

Let us all unite!