Women, Peace and Security Agenda Brings Results Locally in Ukraine

Implementation period:

January 2022 – January 2025


Luhansk, Kharkiv, Khmelnytskyi, Zaporizhzhya, and Lviv oblasts

Target audience:

Target audiences for the project are two-fold. First, these are the stakeholders which the project cooperates with: regional authorities in the 4 regions (regional councils, regional state administrations that are executive agencies, municipalities); law enforcement agencies (regional departments of the National Police, State Border Guard Service, State Emergency Service); social service providers for vulnerable groups (survivors of violence against women, war veterans, etc.); civil society organizations, including women’s CSOs, CSOs of war veterans, IDPs and other vulnerable groups – both at the regional and national levels; media; academia, including the faculty and students of universities of the law enforcement system. Second, the target audiences are the populations that will benefit from the implementation of the regional action plans on 1325: female war veterans; women employed in law enforcement system; survivors of gender-based violence; internally displaced women; women facing compound discrimination (women with disabilities, elderly women, low-income women, Roma women, etc.)


Partner organizations:

About the project:

The project’s aim is to support the implementation of Women, Peace and Security Agenda at the regional/local level in Ukraine. With this aim, we will provide tools to local stakeholders to develop and implement context-specific and results-oriented regional policies on Women, Peace and Security (WPS) for 2021-2025. We also capitalize on the accomplishments and lessons learnt from the previous project on localization of 1325 in Ukraine that the Ukrainian Women’s Fund implemented in 2018-2020.

During the project, regional stakeholders – the authorities, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), activists, media – develop and implement regional action plans that address specific problems of women related to peace and security, as well as empower women in this sector at the regional and local level.

UWF uses its 20-year experience of capacity building, networking, advocacy and grant-making, as well as Dutch (WO=MEN) and Ukrainian (Women’s Information Consultative Center) partners experience and knowledge on WPS, to make sure that participation in peace processes and decision-making, prevention and protection from conflict and violence become part and parcel of regional policies in Ukraine.

Project objectives:

Objective 1. Capacity building of regional/local actors engaged in WPS agenda

Objective 2. Coalition building, fostering networks and experience sharing

Objective 3. Policy change/advocacy