Whose Voices Will Sound Louder in Civil Society?

Five Ukrainian WROs will become more visible and influential in the human rights and feminist movement. This is the goal of the “Civil Society Dialogue with All Voices” project, which the Ukrainian Women’s Foundation is implementing together with the women’s funds of Armenia, Georgia, and Poland with the support of filia.the women’s foundation and the German Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

What problems are faced by thousands of women and girls every day, but remain suppressed and therefore unresolved? Why do we learn about a bunch of social afflictions from the tabloids and not from those who need help and represent the interests of vulnerable women? How to implement the principle of “Nothing about Us without Us”?

The participants of the project will gather facts about barriers that limit the access of organizations to active participation in human rights networks and in the feminist movement. They will find out the reasons and mechanisms for excluding groups of women and girls with multiple discrimination and will offer solutions that are beneficial to all parties. Representatives of women’s rights/feminist organizations will have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of human rights protection, gender policy, equality and discrimination, as well as communication strategies, media relations, and successful advocacy campaigns. As part of the project, the UWF will also provide grants to apply this knowledge and become part of both Ukrainian and international networks and movements for women’s rights and gender equality.

UWF invited NGOs from different regions of Ukraine representing women and girls with multiple discrimination to participate in the “Civil Society Dialogue with All Voices” project. They were selected after consultation with thematic partners, with whom the UWF promotes participation in the women’s / feminist movement of the widest possible range of organizations.

The participants of the international project are:

  • Association of Roma People ZOR, Chernihiv oblast, Nizhyn town, defends the rights of Roma women and girls;
  • The Initiative group Poltavchanka+ of the Positive Women NGO, Poltava city, represents women and girls living with HIV, high-risk groups for HIV infection;
  • The Poltava branch of Legalife-Ukraine NGO, defends the interests of women working in the sex industry, women living with HIV, women using drugs;
  • Insight-East NGO in Zaporizhzhia focusing the demands of queer community;
  • Chernivtsi oblast NGO “Lider” will be responsible for representing women and girls with disabilities.

Photo credit: SHVETS production