Call for travel grant applications for activists and representatives of women’s/feminist organizations

Women’s Voice and Leadership – Ukraine project

The Ukrainian Women's Fund announces travel grants opportunity for activists and representatives of women's/feminist organizations as part of the "Women's Voice and Leadership - Ukraine" Project 
About the project:


«Women’s Voice and Leadership – Ukraine» ia five-year project under Global Affairs Canada’s Women’s Voice and Leadership program. The project supports Ukrainian women’s rights organizations, activists, and collaborative platforms to achieve their institutional, programmatic and advocacy goals so they can contribute effectively to the full realization of human rights by women and girls and the advancement of gender equality in Ukraine.

The project objectives:

  1. Improve management and sustainability of local women’s rights organizations in Ukraine, particularly those representing vulnerable and marginalized women and girls
  2. Enhance the effectiveness of programming and advocacy by women’s rights organizations to advance gender equality in Ukraine
  3. Increase the effectiveness of national and sub-national women’s platforms, networks, and alliances to effect gender-sensitive policy changes and policy implementation in Ukraine

The project is implemented in all regions of Ukraine.

More information about the grant opportunity – in Ukrainian



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